Tackling Sweets with the Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge

Remember last year, when we did a Listerine challenge to make sure your family engaged in healthy and regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing habits?  Well, we're doing it again this year, this time in anticipation of all the sweet and sticky goodies that the holidays will lavish upon us.

This year, the focus is on being Sweet Smart; we'll make sure that the kids (and the grownups) do all three components of a healthy routine at least 2 times a day!  We'll have a bit more difficulty this year, I think, because my 2-year-old really needs to be involved in the flossing and brushing part.  Getting him to sit still is a challenge!

I also have a 7-year-old who has been missing his two front teeth for over 6 months.  He really has a hard time eating and talking, but flossing, he says.. is easy!

Here are a few not-so-fun facts about kids and oral health that I picked up from a webinar with Listerine:
  • 44 percent of American kids will suffer from pediatric dental disease before they reach kindergarten 
  • Of the 4 million kids born each year, more than half will have cavities by the time they reach 2nd grade 
  • 43% of Americans lack dental insurance 
  • All in all, 16 million kids suffer from untreated dental disease
Sad, isn't it?

Fortunately, over 50,000 kids received critical oral health services in 2011 alone, thanks to Johnson & Johnson’s contributions to America’s ToothFairy. America’s ToothFairy has reached more than 1 million kids, but the need continues to be great, and parents need to be educated. You can get involved with this great cause at their website:  AmericasToothFairy.org.

And check back in a few weeks, where we will share how we did with our Sweet Smart challenge!

*I wrote this as part of a campaign with The Motherhood, Listerine, and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.