The Best Post-pregnancy Workouts

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After a pregnancy, it can be hard to bounce back. Your body has undergone a huge change, and you may not have the same fitness levels as you used to. If you’re looking for low-impact ways to tone up and shape up for the summer after having a baby, try one of these workouts and watch your body transform!

Low-impact cardio: swimming and walking 

During pregnancy, your body undergoes transformation and experiences stress. It would be unwise to go back into running 10km every second day if your body isn’t used to it – you have to ease back into it. Keep your heart rate pumping and your muscles limber by powerwalking, or swimming some laps at your local health club. While this won’t have you running faster than Road Runner, it will certainly get your body back on the right track.

Stretching: yoga and pilates 

Whether you have performed yoga and pilates for years or you’re just a beginner, it’s never too late to do more. Yoga and pilates not only helps stretch and build your core muscle strength, but also helps you to develop a sense of unity with your body. For a great exercise routine, start your day with fifteen minutes of yoga followed by a cup of green tea; then just before bedtime do some gentle yoga or pilates moves and then stretch. After all, it’s important to try and find these moments of peace and quiet – they’re rare with a little one crying all the time!

Quick exercises when you’re short on time

There are always ways to work out when you’re short on time, and a little exercise is always better than none at all! Try to always take the stairs when you’re walking, or even do some calf raises while you’re rocking your bub in your arms. If you have half an hour, do some light jump rope exercises for a fast and effective workout. It’s all about getting your body moving – if you have free time, then use it to stretch or do a quick jog on the spot.

Wait – don’t forget weights! 

It’s a common myth that women will get bulky if they lift weights, but this simply isn’t the case. Women don’t have as much testosterone as men, so lifting weights simply means that you will develop toned, lean muscle. Don’t lift 50kg weights to start out with, but if you want to reap more rewards from your workout then add some light weights to your lunges or squats.

Alison Richards is a writer who just gave birth to her second child. She’s hitting the gym every second day to get rid of the baby weight, but her addiction to food isn’t helping!