Top Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys in 2012

It's time for another year of tricks and treats, and my kids were super excited to get their costumes early this year!  Since I have 4 little boys (and my daughter has claimed to have outgrown dressing up), I am focused on the best costume ideas for the men of the house.  Here are what I see are the top trends, as well as what we decided to go with this year!

1.  Batman.  With the release of "The Dark Knight", there is no way that kids aren't going to be begging to be this year's version of the masked hero.  This is an outfit best designed for older boys, as the long cape can be difficult for younger ones to manage.  My 9-year-old is shown here in his Batman costume (available at Walmart for $19.97). The outfit comes with the suit, which covers the feet to look like boots, as well as the mask, cape, and belt.  It also features fake muscles, and has reflective properties to keep kids safer this year.

2.  Anything from the Avengers.  Yes, superheroes will be one of the hottest themes (as they are every year), and with the "Avengers" movie featuring so many, kids will find high-quality costumes for their favorites.  My middle son went with The Hulk.  Here he is in another "muscle-popping" Hulk costume from Walmart (priced at $19.97).  It has the body suit and the mask, plus, we paired it with some Hulk Smash Fists ($19.96).

3. Ninjas.  Whether your kids are into the generic black-costumed ninja, or prefer a character theme (my kids adore Ninjago), there will be a ninja costume to suit your little one's style and size.  My 5-year-old is adorable in his Power Rangers costume (available at Walmart for $16.27 for toddler sizes); he is small for his age, so he fits into the 3-4 size!  Prices increase slightly for this same costume in larger sizes.

4.  Robots.  Finally, we see that generic (non-licensed) ideas are still very popular, as well.  Robots are one of the most talked about themes at the Knerl home, so, having my 2-year-old be a robot just made sense.  I should point out that some kids just don't like having masks on, and that is OK.  If you don't think your toddler or infant will deal with the head pieces that come in the costume kit (like my little guy, below), just use some hypo-allergenic face paints to create a look that won't annoy.  This Retro Robot costume costs just  $15.27 at Walmart.

What will your little boys be this year? Are you thinking pirates, police officers, or something more quirky?  Last year's sock monkey theme is still pretty popular, as well as Angry Birds.  I would love to hear what you plan on getting for your family!

You can also explore the entire online Halloween costume shop at, or check in-store (although selection will vary by location and some styles will sell out sooner than others.)

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