AT&T Mobile Safety Tips for Parents!

My 14-year-old daughter is doing well with her cell phone, but I still won't be giving her full access to all features until she is older.  I will also reserve the right to see her texts and activity at any time; I'm her parent!

Many other parents are dealing with the best ways to handle their kids' cell phone usage; some are being very strict or haven't given in to giving them a phone, and others have just handed the phone (and the bills) over completely!
There is a balance that can be achieved, and part of it is knowing your child.  I recently attended an online webinar hosted by AT&T and the Motherhood.  We learned about the ways to handle some of today's touchier cell phone subjects for children in my daughter's age range; I was really glad to hear that so many of my concerns are common ones.

One of the most amazing takeaways I got was this little fact:
"We also asked kids about the rules they have on their mobile phones. 66% said they do have rules on their phone usage. BUT, 90% said they would be OK with their parents setting rules."
Do you  know what that means?  There is a huge opportunity for parents to get involved with setting healthy boundaries for phone use.

I was also surprised to learn that:
  • 53% of kids have been in a motor vehicle with someone who was texting and driving
  • Over 1 in 5 have received a mean or bullying text message from another kid on their mobile phone
  • Almost half (46%) have a friend who has received a message or picture that their parents would not have liked because it was too sexual
  • 69% have answered a call from an unknown number
Does that scare you, too?  If you are unsure that you've covered all the bases regarding your child's cell phone, I encourage you to use some of the free resources offered by AT&T.  From learning what other families are doing through videos, or downloadable tip sheets, the website at has a wealth of information available to anyone who is interested.

Want to learn more and have a chance to win prizes?  There will also be a Twitter event on Friday, Nov. 9th at 2pm EST.  The hashtag is #ATTMobileSafety, and here is the Twtvite for more information:

Good luck with teaching your kids, and don't be afraid to be their parent.  That's what you're there for!

*I’m partnering with The Motherhood and AT&T to bring you information on mobile safety for kids.