Introducing Beneforté: Naturally Better Broccoli

I'm a blessed Mom.  My kids have always been great at eating their greens, and broccoli is one of their most favorite foods.  Unfortunately, our garden almost never produces any broccoli -- it's something that doesn't grow well here.  We end up buying bunches from the local grocer, washing, trimming, and trying to eat it all up before it goes bad.  (Sometimes, however, we end up wasting it!)

We recently tried a new broccoli product available at Sam's Club stores nationwide.  It's called Beneforté  and it comes ready-to-eat out of the bag.  It's washed, trimmed, and comes in a breathable bag that keep it surprisingly fresh for longer than I've been able to keep my loosely-wrapped whole heads from the store.

Here is the Beneforté in the bag:

Here it is dumped directly into the bowl (no additional preparation):

As you can see, it's super-fresh, and ready for cooking or eating raw.  We decided to try it the first time in its fresh form.  We gave it to the kids to enjoy with their spaghetti dinners.  They gobbled it down like they would any broccoli!

In addition to tasting great, Beneforté has some natural benefits:
It naturally contains 2-3 times the phytonutrient glucoraphanin, boosting your antioxidant enzymes at least two times more than other broccoli.  Antioxidant enzymes help maintain the antioxidant activity of vitamins A, C and E in your body.   
I realize not all kids will dig into the raw broccoli like mine do, so I'm working on a new recipe to incorporate the Beneforte broccoli that I'm sure you'll like!  In the meantime, you can learn more about Beneforte at

Wanna Win?  We are giving one lucky reader a $50 Sam's Club gift card to buy Beneforté and ingredients to create a healthy family dinner.  To be entered to win, just comment on this post with how you like to enjoy broccoli.  You have until December 9th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in (one per person, please.)  We'll randomly pick one winner to get the prize.  Open to U.S. residents ages 18+ only.  Full promotional rules here.

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*Compensation, giveaway prize, and product samples received to share my 100% honest opinions as a Beneforté Broccoli Ambassador.