Music Review: Chris Mann's "Roads"

Maybe it's me getting older, but I'm suddenly very nostalgic for the tunes I grew up with.  Whether it be peppy 80's anthems or the crooning ballads that I listened to on my parent's record player, I have favorites that should not die with time.  And while there are always redo's on old songs, they are not always done very well.  That's is why I was over the moon for Chris Mann's new album "Roads".

The album, released this week, features Chris' signature combo of larger-than-life vocals and a deep gut feeling that translates in every tune.  I felt myself getting chills when listening to his version of Coldplay's Viva La Vida.  (I also was shocked to actually understand all the lyrics.  I don't know if it's Chris' classical training, but hearing the song done with such articulation gave it a breadth of meaning it didn't have for me in its original form. It's seriously amazing what pronouncing things correctly can do.)

There were other tunes that were done differently, but not necessarily better (or worse.)  Willie Nelson's Always on My Mind will always be Willie's, but hearing Chris's younger, more passionate rendition really made it a new love for me -- and so now I have two favorites instead of just one.

I was proud that Chris took the leap to include to originals, as well.  Both were worthy of the album, although the poppy Falling won me over the best.  As someone who was disappointed to have gotten to know Chris' stylings in person at a blogger conference, but failed to see his more flirtatious side while on last season's The Voice, this addition to the album reminded me of what a stellar personality Mr. Mann can have when allowed to play outside of the box.

Roads is available on both iTunes and Amazon, so you can easily play it in the car or the gym -- although the soothing sounds will likely be best when snuggled up with a great read or when sipping that velvety red wine you've been hiding in the cupboard.  Get a better sense of Mr. Mann at his website.

*This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own.