Review of CalNaturale Wines

Have you ever been bummed that that tasty bottle of wine you bought couldn't be finished before the flavor went bad?  Do you often wish your wine took up less room in the fridge, or was a little less "obvious" when your tea-totaling in-laws came to visit?

I sampled some yummy wine from CalNatural that was packaged in containers very similar to juice boxes.  They stayed fresh, even when days went by between drinks, and they fit nicely inside my fridge.

Here is what they look like tucked into the space between my milk and some Tupperware.

I also really enjoy that the containers (Tetra-Paks) are resealable and non-breakable.  When I'm done, I can just toss or recycle; no need to feel guilty about chucking out large glass bottles.

The flavor of these wines is pretty good, and since they are made from organic grapes, I feel like I'm having something special every time I pour a glass. I sampled the chardonnay (which wasn't too dry), as well as one of the reds.  The wine itself comes in two sizes of containers; so, depending in the size of party you want to throw, there is the perfect size available.  I also think that this wine makes a nice gift, because it does travel and chill so well.

One thing to note is that this particular wine was slightly more alcoholic than the wine I usually drink.  Keep that in mind when filling those BIG wine goblets.  Drink responsibly, everyone!

Learn more about this scrummy wine (think scrumptious + yummy) at the CalNaturale website.  There you can learn about how the wine is packaged and why it's more sustainable than some other wines!

*Delicious samples were received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.