Review of Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner (Orange)

'Tis this season for chapped and cracked lips.  Since many of the kids in our family this week have had the flu, they have also been struggling with dry lips.  We have used Carmex in the past to get the delicate skin on their lips healed quickly, so when we found out about new Everyday Lip Conditioner from Carmex, I figured it would do the trick.

Like so many other Carmex products, it goes on easily with no greasy after affect.  This particular product is also very creamy, absorbs quickly, and has 13 moisturizers -- plus, it's orange flavor!  The only drawback to this product is that it is so aromatic; younger kids may be tempted to eat it.

The product comes in a small .2 ounce tube you can keep in your pocket, purse, diaper bag, or first aid kit.  The smell is dreamy, and the kids never complain about using it.  Find out more at the official Carmex site.

*Sample received. Opinions are 100% my own.