The Results of our SweetSmart Challenge!

Wow!  It's been a busy last few weeks here in the Knerl household.  In addition to trying really hard to implement the proper oral care routine for my kids we started with Listerine and Reach, my middle son has lost a few more teeth!  Since he didn't have two of the top teeth for the last 7 months, losing another top tooth and a bottom tooth have left him, well, pretty toothless!

Even with the lack of chompers, however, my middle son has always been meticulous about his routine: brush, floss, rinse.  Like clockwork, every day.  My other kids, however, needed a bit of prodding (as did Mom.)

The Listerine and Reach products we used as part of the SweetSmart challenged definitely helped make the process fun, as well as served as a reminder to do those things we were supposed to do.  It's easy to remind kids to rinse, for example, when there is Phineas and Ferb rinse on the counter.  My youngest son (now 2) is not old enough for the rinse, but he adopted the Barbie toothbrush in the kit we received.  He says "pretty" while brushing his teeth.  He also does a pretty mean job of flossing for a toddler.

We have a pretty large household - 7 people in all.  Our toothbrushes take up two mason jars, and we go through endless supplies of paste, rinse, and floss.  I'm glad we had this opportunity to revisit our habits, however.  Even after participating last year, our methods had been pushed aside due to back to school craziness; it's always good to give your dental routine a "check up" -- starting in the home!

Don't forget!  Not everyone is as blessed as we are with being able to have toothcare products in the home and to get regular dental exams.  America’s ToothFairy is focused, as a nonprofit organization, on the elimination of children’s preventable suffering from dental disease. They work with community-based organizations, civic groups and others to help meet these unmet needs.

*I wrote this as part of a campaign with The Motherhood, Listerine, and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.