Belly Washers and Tummy Ticklers are a Fun Way to Drink!

We first stumbled up on the awesomeness that is the Tummy Tickler and Belly Washer brands when we first reviewed them last fall.  Nothing has changed in the way of how much my kids love them.  They really do love them.

For those who need a briefing, these juice drinks come in various sizes for different ages of kids.  There are 3 sizes, each named differently, and they have character tops that kids love to drink out of.  Unlike other drink products, these are 100% juice (except for the Tummy Tickler Tots line -- the smallest -- which is 40% juice for less calories.)  They are also reusable, which means that we wash them and use them again with milk, juice, and water.  The kids drink from them in the car, in the living room (where open drinks aren't allowed), and at the table.

They aren't sippy cups; they are more like sports bottles.  The characters you can get them in include: Winnies the Pooh and Friends, Spider-Man, Batman, Cars, and Wolverine.  Right now, I have a drawer full of the tops that the kids can choose from when they ask for a drink.  The rule is that they can't get a new drink until they return their container to be washed.  This also helps them keep the house picked up!

They now come in multi-packs, both with toppers for each bottle and with just one topper to use with all the bottles.  Which one you buy will depend on how many kids you are serving!

Learn more about these products at the official websites:,, and

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.