Getting to the Heart of Christmas

The one thing I love most about this time of year is the heart I see in communities nationwide.  The stories of giving have me moved to tears, at times, and the story of one town's efforts to give back is no exception.

While I could tell you the complete story of what happened for a tiny town called Possum Trot, Texas, it's much better if you watch the video (less than 7 minutes) for yourself.  I dare you not to cry..

The story of a bishop and his wife who challenged a small church to take in 75 foster children is a precious one.  I talked to the store manager Mike, from the Center, TX Walmart who was involved with giving gifts, groceries, $15,000 in Walmart gift cards, and hope to the Bishop and his community.

When asked about the giving event, Mike admitted that he hadn't lived in the community for very long, but that everyone in his store knew the bishop.  His store was "very close-knit", and he acknowledged that the entire giving event raised moral for the store while encouraging them to continue giving back.

I also asked Mike what it was like to be on TV.  He had never been on TV and told me that he was "nervous... a good nervous" and that he would love to do an event like this again!  (He also mentioned the buzz going on in the store, like plans by the employees to watch the Today Show segment together!)

I admit that seeing the things that Walmart has done to help communities, families, and individual children makes me so inspired.  I want to do more for my own community.  (And this particular story really touched my husband and I.  We have since had another discussion about someday adopting or taking in foster kids.)

You can learn more about the Getting to the Heart of Christmas campaign, the rest of the giving events scheduled to happen this holiday season, and the bishop's community of Possum Trot, Texas at the official Getting to the Heart of Christmas page!

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