Homemade Gifts this Season (No Skills Required)

You all know how much of a struggle it is for me to craft.  I've never been super patient with my projects, and I'm always looking for shortcuts to create fun things fast!  One other pet peeve I've had of traditional crafting "sets" is that they tend to cater to girls.  I have four little boys, so I was happy to try out some of the craft kits available at Walmart -- many of them were aimed at my little guys!

Take a look at the variety here.  There were "decorate your own bag" sets for the girls, make bouncy balls for both boys and girls, and our favorites -- the Zombie Creator and Alien Skull kits.  Since we were short on time, I did a photo walk through of the Zombies first.

The Zombie Kit (priced at $9.96) makes three plaster zombies you can have your kids paint.  My three oldest boys were going to do this kit, then my overly anxious 5-year-old ducked out at the last minute (he gets freaked out easily.) 

The mixing and pouring of plaster really takes an adult's help, but I was happy that the kit included gloves and a protective mask to keep little ones from breathing in the plaster dust.  We weren't sure of the thickness of this.  (The directions say to fill 1 cup with water and mix, but I didn't know if it meant 1 cup for 1 zombie or 1 cup for all zombies.  We played around until we got what we thought was the right consistency.)

After allowing them to dry overnight (or as the kids said "forever"), we removed them from the molds per directions.  (Again, a parent's help is useful here).  Then, they were on their own to paint!  We had a few extra brushes lying around, so we let the 9, 7, and 2-year-old paint.

Here are our finished zombies!  Obviously, the one on the left is the toddler's zombie. (I think he painted and repainted five or six times.)

We had a lot of fun with this kit and will likely reuse the molds for other projects.  We have also used the Rubber Band Launcher and Catapult Wars craft kits (both priced at $9.97), and the boys just love them!  All the kits available for kids crafting at Walmart are for the 5-13 age ranges and are priced very competitively at $4.97-17.99.

One other great crafting gift that you can make in literally minutes is a necklace, watch, bracelet, or earring set using the Darice Mix and Mingle Beads, available at Walmart. 

These fun and fashionable beads have the same look as high-priced beads, and you can pick the beads from each set that match the look you want.  We made a beautiful necklace using these beads, and it took my 14-year-old daughter just 5 minutes from start to finish (including the gift wrapping!)  I love this as a craft idea for putting together gifts for Grandmas, teens, and Mom.  (They won't know that you made them with Walmart crafting beads.)

Would you give a homemade gift this season?  How about one that the receiver can make themselves?  I love giving my kids "busy work", so these new boy crafts really have me excited!

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.