My Favorite Part of the Holiday: Giving to Charity!

If you asked my kids what their favorite part of Christmas is, they would say the toys.

I would have to agree with them.

It's not that I want toys, but that I love to give toys.  Not just to my kids, either.  Our local newspaper The Burt County Plaindealer had called me this year to inquire about our toy drive efforts here at Lille Punkin'.  I told them about our Holiday Harvest Program, designed to help companies do more than just get exposure to their products -- it was to help share with those that don't have much this holiday!

In addition to the wonderful "extras" that many companies were so generous to send our way, we went to our local Walmart and loaded up our shopping cart with games, lots of them.  With all of the board games on sale, we were able to bring home boxes of top titles like Monopoly, Candy Land, Memory, and Battleship!

This lot cost just $30!
In addition to the toy drop off we did at the local newspaper, which will help meet the goal of getting toys to dozens of families this year, we picked an additional charity that meant a lot to our family: The Ronald McDonald House in Omaha.

This charity does so much for families, not just here in Nebraska, but all over the U.S.  Families with children receiving life-saving care at Omaha hospitals can stay at the Ronald McDonald House for much less than at a hotel.  They get family-style meals, a place for their other children to play and relax, and a supportive community of other families who are going through the same challenges.

If you are interested in Ronald McDonald Charities, contact the one closest you to see how you can help.  Each one has different needs, but I know that ours is always looking to fill their supply of paper and pantry products.

 I haven't had a chance to drop off our donation yet, because I'm working to have it shipped directly to the charity (they are more than 50 miles away).  I would recommend allowing Walmart's Home Free shipping perk help you save more money for your charity; just be sure to check with your local coordinator to see what their proper delivery address and process for handling packages is BEFORE you place your order.

If seeing others receive much-needed necessities and gifts warms your heart this season, why not be the source of that joy by giving just a little to your favorite charity.  Walmart's low prices can really help you stretch that "giving dollar" -- and with their low-price guarantee, even if you see a better price advertised elsewhere, they'll match it (helping needy families get that little extra they've been wishing for!)

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.