P&G Holiday Idea Guide: Gifts They Can REALLY Use!

Raise your hand if you've received a holiday gift that you still haven't used.  Now, raise it again if you've actually regifted that SAME gift to another person...  While many of us enjoy receiving gifts, getting something we can't use or don't like just makes us feel guilty, and guilty isn't something any of us want to feel during the season!

If this is the year you vow to stop giving useless gifts, might I suggest P&G as a source for thoughtful ideas for giving?  The items on our holiday wish list are not only super useful, they will have the receiver thinking of you every time they use them!  Here are our top suggestions for rave reviews this Christmas:

Dawn Power Clean
I picked up my first bottle of this amazing product by accident at my local grocer.  The claims to provide "overnight soaking power" in just 5 minutes seemed too good to be true.  I squirted some on a very crusty pan of dried mashed potatoes and waited just 4 minutes before I started scrubbing.  (I'm impatient like that.)  The food came off so easily!  As someone who is guilty of "soaking" dishes to get out of actually washing them, this pleasant-smelling product has really helped me clean up my act.  (Available at Walmart for $4.47 for 30 oz.)

Venus & Olay Razors

This time of year is horrible for my pale, dry skin.  Shaving seems like a nightmare if I go with anything less than the best in shaving products.  The new shaver by Venus has a soothing ring of Olay-infused moisture bar surrounding the blades. You can't mess up your routine with this indulgent shaver!  The starter pack comes with the razor and 5 heads, so you're set for weeks of luxurious showers.  (Find it at Walmart for a reduced price of $8.97!)

Swiffer 360 Dusters 

Ever since I moved into my rural home, I've been bombarded with dust!  We live along a gravel road, and our home office is on the side of the house facing it; I can't leave my window open without having dust particles come flying in!  I have been relying on Swiffer 360 Dusters for the past year as a method to conquering the madness.  The dusters make it so that I don't have to remove every knick-knack from every shelf; I just put a new duster on my wand and work around everything!  The duster gets in tight space, and does a really good job of "pulling dust" off of blinds, lampshades, my computer keyboard, and even the tops of books!  Consider the starter kit for a gift this holiday season, and let your loved-one know that the product is easy for the kids to use!  (Find this gift of a cleaner home at Walmart; it's $4.47 for the starter kit and $7.97 for the refill pack.)

Febreze Scented Candles

The smells of the holiday are something that can really get me into the spirit, and I love burning candles in my home when it's cold out!  Febreze has released two new holiday lines that are certain to inspire and create a warm feeling in your home: Cranberries & Frost and Holiday and Bloom.  I was also able to try out the Apple Spice and Delight candle - a spicy sweet product that made my home feel like it was in the baking spirit!  The selection varies by store, so get there early to have your pick of scents (or order a value bundle from Walmart for $24, and get a candle, Set and Refresh Twin, Air Effects Twin, Noticeables, and Fabric Refresher at $5 off!)

Remember, while it is the thought that counts, unwrapping a gift you can use well into the New Year is a truly joyful experience.  Do you plan on giving practical gifts this year?

*While I've been using these products in my home for quite awhile, samples were received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own!