Review of Black Box Wine

I don't often get out to celebrate things, so it's nice having some wine at home for those types of occasions   I recently tried, not one -- but TWO -- boxes of Black Box Wine (not by myself, you'll be relieved to know.)  Each one of these classy-looking boxes comes filled with the equivalent of 4 bottles of premium wine, and it fits nicely on the top shelf of most standard refrigerators.

When I first tried the wine, I went with one of the whites.  It was delish (and my husband, who HATES white wines due to their dryness, really enjoyed this, and was happy to help me drink this down.)  We are now testing the Malbec, a very lush red with notes of blueberry and chocolate, and --while I'm not as much of a red fan -- I've found the flavor of the wine to be better after one or two days of being opened.

I was super impressed with how much easier it is to pour wine from the box (after I initially opened the box, which took just minutes.) With a volume of 4 bottles' worth of wine, these are great for entertaining over the holidays.

Learn more about these very nice wines (for a budget-friendly price) at the Black Box website.

*Wine received to review.  Opinions are 100% our own.  Drink responsibly!