Review of Just Dance Disney Party! for the Wii

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We have been dancing fools here at the Knerl household.  All the new dancing games (especially those by Ubisoft) are so much fun to play, and I haven't laughed so hard (or sweated so much) in a long time as when I'm playing along with my kids!

The newest addition to our collection is Just Dance Disney Party for the Wii.  We usually play most of our dancing games on the Xbox with the Kinect, but, sometimes, the Kinect can't recognize the smaller kids.  We tried the game for the Wii, hoping to eliminate some of those issues, and it worked out very well!

The game itself is adorable.  There are different kinds of play available, from plain ol' dancing to challenge games (like trying to pop a balloon.)  The lyrics to songs are available for kids to sing along with, and it has all the same kind of scoring as the regular Just Dance games.

One thing I liked about this game over the regular versions of Just Dance is that the songs are truly family friendly.  It features a mix of old-school Disney songs from the classic movies, combined with top songs from the newer Disney shows and movies (like Good Luck Charlie and High School Musical.)  The dance moves are simplified a bit so that younger kids can pick up on them, but they are still physically quite the workout!  There was lots of jumping, marching, and arm swinging -- making it a great indoor activity for the winter season.

While my 14-year-old insisted that it was too "juvenile" for her, I did catch her dancing along to some of the songs.  And why not?  If they are too catchy to NOT sing to, why wouldn't you dance to them, as well?

Overall, this was a favorite with my 7 and 5 year olds.  My 9-year-old liked it too, and I enjoyed that I didn't have to worry about risque dance moves or suggestive song lyrics.