Review of Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for the XBox Kinect (#CleverAvengers)

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Just when I thought we owned every good video game there was to own, my kids received the Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for the Xbox Kinect.  My boys are HUGE fans of the Avengers after seeing all of the movies that have come out.  I was excited to see if this game lived up to the hype!

Only one of my kids has really taken an interest in the game, which is rated "T" for Teen" -- and I think it is because it requires so much intense play (and the other kids under 8.)  Micah, who is 9, was jumping, kicking, fighting, and punching (virtually, of course) in order to defeat other Avengers and superheroes in this game.  He has picked out his favorite characters to be, and he has pretty much learned all the "combos" needed to deliver a knock-out to the opponent.

What I love about this game is the activity level.  It is pretty intense, and since it is pretty much non-stop action, kids playing it will get LOTS of exercise.  I have even had to have my son sit down after several rounds.  He gets that worked up!

I would consider this game a great way to use the Xbox Kinect sensor.  It seems to do a good job of translating kids' actions into on-screen game play.  Any child who is really into the Avengers, combat play, or needs a way to get the wiggles out will adore this game.

As far as the "T" rating, however, I think it's appropriate for any child who is mature enough to handle super-hero action sequences.  There is no blood or gore in this game; if you're OK with your kid delivering round-house kicks with comic-book consequences (think "pow!" "Bam!" and "Whoosh"), even kids under 13 can enjoy it in an appropriate manner.  There are also a few female superheroes in tight outfits, but, I think this is expected the comic realm.

You can find it at Amazon or other video game retailers in time for the holidays!