EXPIRED: Save BIG with Kid's Meals at Wendy's This Holiday!

I was just at my closest Wendy's enjoying their new, Mozzerella Chicken Supreme Sandwich (which is soooo good, by the way), when I remembered that there was a special going on for kid's meals -- now through the end of the month.  What is it?  From now until the end of the month, you can download a digital coupon at www.ToysRUs.com/Wendys, which will knock the price of one kids' meal down to just $1.99!

Here is my son enjoying his pick of meals: The Cheeseburger Meal...

But that's not the ONLY cool thing about this promotion.  In addition to the great prices on meals (which still include a fun toy inside), each holiday-themed Kids' Meal includes an exclusive $10 Gift Card Offer to be used at Toys "R" Us!  (You'll get a $10 gift card with a qualifying purchase of $75 at Toys "R" Us.)

Hurry in before the promotion ends! It's a great way to stay within budget when shopping and dining!  (And don't forget to print your coupon before you go....)

*Promotional gift card received to share this news.  Opinions are 100% my own!