Team up with FLINTSTONES Vitamins and Help Grow Strong Kids!

Do you remember chewing Flintstones Vitamins as a kid?  I do, and looking back, it was one thing my parents did to help make sure I grew up healthy and strong.

Not every kid is as fortunate as we were; while I give my kids vitamins daily, and it's something I prioritize, many families don't have the means to do the same.  The makers of Flintstones Vitamins wants to change that, and they are helping to fulfill the lyrics of their famous jingle "10 million strong and growing"!

To kick things off, Flintstones Vitamins will donate $300,000 to Vitamin Angels in 2012 to help fund essential vitamin A for more than 1 million children in need.  There's more they need to do, however, and this is where you come in! You can support 10 Million Stronger by making a donation of 25 cents or more at  What will a quarter buy?  It will give a child a year of healthy vitamin A, something kids need to help prevent child mortality and blindness from vitamin A deficiency!

Check out the Facebook page today, and see if you can give a little.  Every bit counts!