Using by Visa for My Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Remember the good ol' days, when Christmas was held on Christmas Day?  Now, with so many family obligations, it's not unusual to see the Christmas holiday start at the beginning of December and stretch all the way until after January 5th?  We are one of those families who will still be celebrating the holidays well after the new year, which means I have a little more time to shop than most of my friends.

While shopping on the 24th won't get me my gifts in time for the official holiday, it does allow me the chance to score some great deals on those last-minute retailer offers.  I used my new account to shop safely online using any credit card (it even works with my American Express card), and I didn't have to give out my credit card info at checkout.

Why is this important?  Last year, alone, I had two credit cards compromised due to fraudulent activity.  The retailers didn't do a very good job of guarding my info, and I had to close out my accounts.  By using at checkout, however, I don't have to reveal that info.  Visa does all the work for me -- all I have to remember is my log-on info!

There's another reason to consider as your method of payment at participating retailers; some of them offer exclusive discounts to those using at checkout!  I made sure I was signed up for's promotional emails, so that when it was time to shop, I knew that a few of the items I wanted to buy would be deeply discounted when I chose as my method of payment.

I also documented just how easy it is to use (click to enlarge photos):

1. I added all the items I wanted to buy into my shopping cart:

2. I selected as my method of payment (I didn't even have to log into

3. I confirmed my order and enjoyed any applicable savings!

Now, I just sit back and wait for my new Kitchen-aid stand mixer accessories to arrive as a late Christmas present to myself!

Have you used to pay for your online order?  If you haven't, consider using it at many retailers it's available.  If found it to be much easier than using my credit card to pay.

This post is brought to you by by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.