Why Not "Little Pumpkin"? A Note from Linsey

I have been on the fence over the past few years about the name of this blog.  Since 2007, "Lille Punkin" has provided families with support in all areas of their lives, from play to education to shopping.  Often, people ask "what's with your name?"  They don't understand why it would be spelled so oddly, and worse yet, when you search using any other term in Google, it often doesn't come up.

The history behind our name is simple.  I'm from Danish descent, studied at a Danish college, speak a bit of it, and adore Danish food.  "Lille" means "Little" and "Punkin"... well, that's just an adorable name for a pumpkin, isn't it?

I can't tell you how many PR companies have stated that I'm the "pumpkin blog" or that I am "lillllee.." (something unpronounceable.)  While I adore my name, I can understand how it could be confusing.

Will we change the name?  No way.  Our adorable little brand is going on 6 years next spring.  It has been a source of joy and inspiration, and I love sharing things with our readers (some of whom have been with us since the beginning!)

Here are some screen shots of our site through the years:

Our site in 2008

Our site in 2011

Thanks for stopping by, hearing our story, and (if you choose to comment) sharing yours!  We love our readers and wish you grace and blessings in the years ahead!