Home Office Desk Declutter Challenge

No one would ever believe that I run a full-time media company out of my home (especially if they got a glimpse of my desk!) I was horrified to see how the busy holidays had left my workspace.  It was dusty, cluttered, and the piles --- they were ready to collapse!  After fighting the piles for months (I tried folders, trays, and minimizing my paper trail), I realized that it was time to embrace my piles with the proper organizational gear.  I headed to Walmart.com to order what I needed.

Here is my desk before. (Shocking... I know.)

Realistically, it involved more than just having the right tools.  I threw a LOT of garbage away and found a million little things that didn't belong on my desk (like LEGOs and some peanut shells from my kids.)  Apparently, when your desk looks like junk, people will treat it like junk!

I started by going through all my papers and putting them into three piles:

1) Household (bills, statements, etc.)
2) My business (press releases, items to review, tax info)
3) Research (magazines, clippings, and ideas for future posts and my book)

I placed each pile into a new Household Essentials Coffee Linen Tapered Bin.  These come in two sizes, and I used the smaller size to hold my stuff.

I could have easily filled the larger ones, but they wouldn't have fit on my desk.  The bins are beautiful, have wooden handles, and look nicer than plastic "office bins".

I then used a Swiffer Duster with Febreze to get all the dust off my desk.  I had to move around everything, and I was careful to get the fan vents on my PC, as well.  (Gross!)  I have a modern desk with a "distressed" finish, meaning it just looks dirty and dusty all the time...

I also wanted to discourage any more "trash" on my desk, so I put a new Rolodex Wastebasket underneath that I bought from Walmart.com.

Now, with the printer moved to the side, all my stuff in three organized bins, and a place for my trash, I'm set up for many more clutter-free days.

My office will never be the picture-perfect office you see in a magazine (as you can see from the white paint on the wall, we just put in a new window, and the entire home is continually being updated.)

I can tell, however, that my new plan is working.  After a week with my new system, my desk is almost as clean as it was on Day 1.  I no longer fight piles, I just deal with them responsibly.  Knowing your personality is as important in keeping organized as having the right tools!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.