Replacing My Tiny Toothbrush with the Oral B Deep Sweep

This is my tooth brush.

I know.  Ridiculous, right?  I have battled so many cavities over the last year and half, but I've had to resort to a teeny tiny toothbrush to make sure that I reach the back teeth that had so much work done. Sometimes, a child's toothbrush is the only way I can get the work done.

I was recently offered the chance to try the Oral B Deep Sweep electric toothbrush and heads to see how it did at getting into areas that I need cleaned the most.  

The replacement brushes I chose to use (on the left, below) were longer and more narrow than the round brush found on this type of cleaner.  I already knew that it would work better than most of the rotating brushes I've used in the past.

Setup was a breeze - once I got past the clunky cardboard packaging.

Each brush head in the spare package of Deep Sweep brush heads came with its own colored plastic band, so that your brush head is easily identifiable from the rest the family's.  (Note: this band is tiny.  I dropped it immediately after opening the package, sending it into places on my bathroom floor I was not quite sure I would ever want to see up close.  Hold onto your bands!) 

Once the band is on the brush head, it can be put into the toothbrush handle with just a snap.

Now it's time to give it a full charge before using it for the first time.

I have to admit, that I'm not a huge electric toothbrush fan.  I think the vibration sensation they give is very odd, and I would much rather control the brushing motion myself.  However, I was very pleased with both the softness of the brush and its ability to get into the tiny spaces behind my back teeth.  I'm hoping that this makes future dentist visits go a bit better, and I can see how it also could prevent bad breath issues that arise occasionally when I'm sick and need to brush my teeth more often.

You can find this particular brush head at and your local Walmart stores! Tell me; do you use a manual or electric toothbrush?

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