Review of Baby Spa Products

If you ask me, the market is a bit saturated with baby lotions and products designed to soothe and pamper your tiny one.  I see new companies crop up every day, and I often find it hard to get excited about a particular one.  I was recently sent some sample of a new brand, Baby Spa, and I decided to give it a try.  My toddler had some dry areas that were difficult to tame, and I was finding myself using baby lotion for my arms and hands more each day.

Baby Spa uses what they call "ethnobotanicals" in their products.  This means that their products contain indigenous plants used by people of a particular culture and region for food, shelter, or medicinal purposes.  We could say that we use these types of plants where I live.  (I often use elderberry, which grows wild, for example, for medicinal purposes.)  Ethnobotanicals aren't new, but their application in baby products is unique.  It means that there are new and natural ingredients being discovered and used, however, that could potentially provide benefits to your baby's skin that you haven't been able to experience before.

So, do the products work?  They are soothing, and I love their smell.  While some moms prefer fragrance-free options, I really love naturals smells and appreciate when I can pick out the components of a product by its fragrance.  I also like that Baby Spa takes their products and breaks them down into two categories: Stage 1 (Infant to crawler) and Stage 2 (Walker to 4+years).  While you can certainly use the Stage 1 on an older child, you will get the most value from using the Stage 2 on toddlers and older.

Their line includes everything from lotion to shampoo to massage oil to body wash.  We sampled the body lotion and face cream, and my son loved them!  He always asks for me to rub lotion on his "itchy back" at night, and the face cream was perfect for those little eczema spots he gets in the winter.  Both products were very smooth, absorbed quickly, and didn't leave a greasy residue.  Neither of them caused any irritation, which is important when you're dealing with sensitive skin! (Their products are free of mineral oil, parabens, pthalates, SLS, and PEGs.)

You can find out all about the ingredients used in Baby Spa products at their website.  Some of them were completely new to me, but they do give you a chance to learn about all of them before you buy.

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*Samples received to use.  Opinions are 100% my own.