Review of BeBoP Kidz Electronic Guitar Tuner

My teenage daughter just got her first guitar this year.  She was excited to start playing right away, but, as you know -- the guitar had to be tuned properly first.  While we did have a piano, it was sadly out of tune.  My husband turned to a YouTube video to get the proper tones to tune the guitar, but that proved to be ineffective, as well.

I found an electronic guitar tuner at Palm Kids, and decided to give it a try.  When it arrived, it needed to have the batteries places in it, and it was ready to go.  The little gadget was pretty impressive, giving a visual prompt when the correct tune was hit by a green light in the center of the indicator.  Kids can easily tune their guitars to their key of choice (Flat or a4) and, if they are off, red lights indicates flat or sharp.

The only negative to the product was the instructions   They seemed to be lacking a bit on how to get started (even though they did cover the features quite well.)  Luckily, I had used tuners before and was able to use logic to know if I was using it correctly.

This made the perfect stocking stuffer for my daughter this year, and Palm Kids sold it very reasonably (just $12.98).  I recommend the gadget for instructors, parents, and students!

*Tuner received to review from Palm Kids.  Opinions are 100% my own.