Review of Honey Can Do 40-ornament Storage Box

Trees are coming down, which means your ornaments need a safe place to spend the off-season!

We have come a long way with our holiday storage techniques  but the one category that still has us guessing is the ornament!  We have tried storing them wrapped in packing materials, putting them in tubs, and even using socks and towels to keep them safe!  The Honey Can Do 40-ornament storage box solves all of the issues of finding a safe way to stash ornaments and provides a nice-looking, holiday-themed container that will fit into most standards closets!

One thing that really makes this storage solution unique is that the dividers can be moved to accommodate larger, or oddly-shaped ornaments.  It also folds flat when empty, so that it takes up less room when the ornaments are on the tree!

This product is made of cloth, so you will still want to take great care when moving your ornaments around. Also, you will not want to stack anything heavy on top of it.  Because it's best purpose is to keep ornaments organized and dust-free, I would recommend putting it inside a plastic storage tub with other light items (your wreath, perhaps) before shoving it into tight spaces or transporting it during a family move, for example.  (If you were to simply put it onto a shelf for the season, however, it would be fine as a stand-alone solution for keeping your ornaments safe.)

With a single handle to help is slide out from wherever you keep it, and a snug-fitting lid to keep everything in its place, this may be our first real step towards handling our holiday decor in a manner that will keep it around for generations..

You can find this product as part of a 3-pack of Honey Can Do holiday storage solutions at!

*Sample received to facilitate this review.  Opinions are 100% our own.