Review of Juicy Juice Fruitifuls

When I hear about kids drinking too much juice, it makes me sad.  Too many calories in the form of sugar can be harmful to a child's health, but juices can be a good source of healthy fruit components. I have always diluted my kids' juice by 1/3 with water in the past, but this doesn't always fly with the kids who visit or when my kids crave something a bit more flavorful.

Juicy Juice has addressed this concern in two ways:

1) They created a really interesting infographic (see below) discussing this issue

2) They came out with a very delicious, full-flavored and all-natural juice beverage that has 35 percent less sugar than regular juice, yet still delivers refreshing taste and a full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) in every juice box.

My kids adored this new beverage.  I think it's pretty tasty, although I can tell the difference between it and regular juice (it almost has more flavor than juice -- if that's possible.)  Since my kids are always begging me for juice-flavored boxes that aren't really juice at all (I think they like the idea of drinking them, as well as their sugary taste), this is the perfect compromise.  They have no idea that it's actually less sugar than juice, and they think they're getting a "junk food" treat.  It's the weapon of choice for battling junk cravings!

Even if your kids don't beg for boxes, you will still benefit from the reduction in calories.  On hot days, and when my kids are most active, they can down 2-4 juice boxes.  Now, I don't have to feel guilty about giving it to them!  The new Fruitifuls in Apple Quench, Punch Splash, Berry Cherry Burst and Orange Strawbana Blast varieties.

To learn more about all the favors, nutritional info, and promotional offers of the new Juicy Juice Fruitifuls, check out the official website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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*Samples and a thank you gift were received to facilitate a review.  Opinions are always 100% my own.