Review of Gourmet Fruit Gift Baskets

I had never used before, so when I was asked to review their service, I was very excited.  I wasn't really a flower person, but I had a 6-year-old with a birthday coming up, and he was an avid fruit lover.  I was asked to pick one gourmet gift basket to order and review.

I settled on the Cherry Moons Farms Deluxe Organic Gift Box, and I placed the order to arrive on the day of my son's birthday.  I arrived early by one day, so we was surprised to see his present so soon!  Our delivery man brought it, packed nicely in this box:

 Upon opening, here is what the fruit looked like.

We opted for a box, instead of a basket.  They had lots of pretty baskets on the site, but my son really wanted fruit, so we chose the product based on more fruit for the price.  We also wanted to try some unique fruits, and the organic box seemed to represent that well.

Here is the fruit after unwrapping it and fluffing up the box a bit.

All the fruit was yummy, ripe enough to eat, and without bruises or blemishes.  There was one orange that was rather ripe and should have been eaten first.  It almost didn't survive two days.

My son's favorite fruit is pears, so those were the first to be eaten.  The giant kiwi fruit were the next. I thought they were the best of the bunch!  I also enjoyed a small package of dried fruit.  My kids hate dried fruit, so that meant more for me.  The dried fruit was in large, whole pieces, and it really looked beautiful!

Here is Moses with his first piece of his birthday fruit!

While I can't speak for every basket, I can recommend this particular one.  If you know a fruit lover, they'll be delighted by the freshness and assortment   Be sure to factor in shipping costs when you pick a product, however,  it can add $12-18 on to the price of your order, depending on how you want it to arrive.

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*I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from Opinions are 100% my own.