Combat Winter Blues with Houseplants!

I have fond memories of houseplants growing up. My mom owned a "spider-plant" that hung above the easy chair.  I remember having to water it frequently, and it lived for the duration of my time in my house.  I also remember how, when I married my husband, he had several beautiful houseplants.  Unfortunately, moving many times and my inattentiveness killed those.  I was known as a "plant killer" from the very start of our marriage.

You can see below, his favorite, giant plant from when we first were married.  The plant is no longer with us...

I always wondered how I could keep 5 children happy and healthy, but could not keep a plant alive.  Then, I did a little research, and found that moving plants, exposing them to cold, and picking plants that are very fussy are all contributing factors to my bad luck.  Oh, and you need to water them...

We decided, after a particularly ho-hum winter, that this would be the year I tried houseplants again.  After all, my husband is now working at home with me (so he can help), and we have a beautiful south-facing picture window with a built-in shelf that is perfect for setting plants on.

We headed to Walmart and began our project.

First, I was amazed at the selection of houseplants available   All the ones I grew up loving (except for the Spider plant) were there.  They also had quite the selection online, for those who only have access to smaller stores, or who want to wait at home for your plant to arrive. (One that got a good review and looked beautiful was this Ivy!)
I also decided that it might be nice to grow some fresh herbs.  The chickens had dug up my beautiful tomato and herb garden from Mother's Day, and I had been overpaying for fresh herbs ever since.  Since Walmart offers a decent selection of basic plant supplies year-round, I could get seed packets and containers to get a head start on this spring's herb garden.

In addition to the herbs and plants, I recommend the Jobe's Houseplant spikes, which feed plants for up to 2 weeks, and are very easy to use.  If you are new to houseplants (or need a little help -- like I do), I find that the Miracle-Gro Complete Guide to Houseplants and the Complete Houseplant Survival Guide both resemble the big books on houseplants that my mom had growing up.  (You can find them online.)
It has been a couple weeks since we brought our plants home, and they are doing very well!  I already had to repot a few -- they are growing so quickly.  Also, we are seeing sprouts from the herb seeds we planted.  The kids are very excited, and they ask to help water the plants all the time.

This houseplant project is an easy way to brighten up your home and give a preview to what spring will offer.  I'm happy to have a second chance with my husband (when it comes to the plants) as well.  I think I can keep these plants alive, and I look forward to accomplishing what I haven't been able to before.

What is your favorite houseplant?

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.