Review of The Jungle Book from Phase 4 Films on DVD

The weather has been horrible here!  We are experiencing a snow storm, and we've been blessed to have a selection of family-friendly films to share with the kids (along with popcorn, candies, and yummy hot chocolate.)  One film that we recently enjoyed as a family is The Jungle Book: The Movie, a new release on the age-old tale of a boy being raised in the jungle.

We received a copy of this DVD, to be available at Walmart, is packaged along with a little toy (that my son snatched up right away).  We watched along with the kids, and I was very impressed with the story, dialogue, and how it captivated my kids.  To be honest, it's easy to compare this version with the more well-known version by a major film company.  I really appreciated that there was a lot of detail that went into the characters and story - and not a focus on singing long, drawn-out songs.

Since my boys love tales of peril and adventure, this suited them perfectly!  The spooky snake, the threat of humans discovering the boy, and the camaraderie that was rewarded are all elements of a great tale for kids ages 3 and up.  The voices of the characters are very realistic, likely because the cast is made up of veterans from other animated projects like "Wallace and Gromit", "Bob the Builder", and "Count Duckula."

Grab some snacks and settle in for a film that omits potty jokes and gimmicks; this film is a great story with clever animation.  You can find it at Walmart in-stores soon!

*Screener, themed gifts, and supplies for a movie party provided. Opinions are 100% our own.