5+ Clever Uses for Non-Stick Shelf Liner

I am a huge fan of the grippy, non-adhesive shelf liner that brands like Duck have come out with.  Yes, they are nice to line shelves and drawers, but there are so many more clever uses for around the home!  My favorite kind, in particular, is the Easy Select Liner.  It is rubbery, soft, and very easy to cut and use.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use the product:

1. Between non-stick pans. 

I hate when my kids do the dishes and stack the non-stock pans on top of one another.  It's hard on the finish, and I had resorted to using potholders between them.  Upon trying a square of the shelf-liner, however, I was very pleased with the results!  Cut squares for all your pans and get kids in the habit of placing them on top of each layer.

2.  To prevent rust "rings." 

If you use any kind of scouring agent to keep your sinks clean, you know about those horrible round "rust" circles that can ruin your countertops.  I keep a square on the side of my sink for the cleaner and any wire scrubbies to rest on while I do the dishes.  It helps to keep them dried off, but if water collects around the area, it's much easier to manage.  I also do this on the edge of the bathtub to keep shaving cream cans from doing the same.

3.  As coasters. 

We encourage the kids to use coasters, but they always end up getting lost or in the toy box (don't ask me why they like to play with them.)  We cut up squares of the liner to keep coffee cups in place and prevent further damage to our wood surfaces.

4. On top of the washing machine. 

Yes, my front-loading washer and dryer came with pedestals, but I still keep one thing of detergent and softener on the top.  Much to my dismay, I have found them on the floor from a rattling washer load more than one time.  With a sheet of the Duck liner on the top, however, they shake -- but stay put.  The super-grippy surface holds them on tight!

5. Under rugs. 

I love using braided rag rugs in my home, but they are super slippery and never stay put.  I loathe the idea of putting carpet tape under them, however.  It ruins the rugs and can sometimes leave residue on the floors.  I came up with the idea of putting a sheet of the shelf liner under the rug and laying the rug right on top.  Neither the liner nor the rug moves, keeping it in place and protecting my floor!

In addition to some of these more "off the wall" uses, I also line my veggie and fruit drawers in my fridge with them.  They wash up easily with soap and water and keep my veggies off of a slimy drawer bottom, if something goes bad.

There are many varities of the Duck liner to do even more creative projects with.  Some of them are so fancy, you can use them for crafty gifts, too!  Find all of them at your local Walmart; select styles are available online.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.