Bissell Deep Clean Premier Carpet Cleaner: Is it a True Upgrade?

I have been using a Bissell ProHeat Upright Carpet Cleaner since I first purchased it in 2009.  I used it at least once a month, and never had any problems with it.  Like most things, however, improvements have been made, and I was eager to try out Bissell's newest home carpet cleaning solution, the Bissell Deep Clean Premier.

I took this baby out of the box and took a look at the stuff inside.  It was pretty standard for carpet cleaners.  It had a quick start guide, the tools, and screws to get started.  It also came with a mini sample of the cleaning solution.  I started putting it together right away.  The handle was easy to pop into the unit, and the screws went in easily, as well -- you'll need your own screwdriver.  The holder for the hose, however, would not seem to go in.  I struggled to "pop" it into place as the picture showed, and eventually I gave in and enlisted my hubby's help.

The carpet that I would be testing this on is my living room carpet.  Our carpet is a light beige (less than ideal for a small farmhouse) and it was riddled with stains, mostly from where water had collected and then dirt was trapped.  As you can see below, there was a spotty look to my carpet, and the nap was really crushed.

I was very familiar with how to use it (being similar to my original Bissell), but I gave the directions a good read.  One thing I goofed on was in reading how to mix the solution and water.  The directions said to add 5 oz. of solution for the entire unit full of water.  I did so before realizing that the included sample was 2x concentrated; I didn't see that the directions on the solution said to only use 2.5 ounces.  So, now I had really soapy water to use on my carpet.

Even so, the process was simple.  I liked several things about this unit, including the smaller size.  While it is a bit heavy to use with it full of water, it has a slimmer profile and it turns well around corners and furniture.  It wasn't any more noisy than my other, and it sucked up the water very well.  (So well, in fact, that my carpet was dry within 3 hours.)

Like my other cleaner, it picked up lots of stuff on my floor that my vacuum left behind (even though I had JUST vacuumed.)  Dog hair, for example, seems to build up and leave little "clumps" behind on the carpet.  It's gross, but it's better that I can pick them up after cleaning than have them embedded in the fibers of my carpet.

My carpet looked awesome when I was done, although I had expected nothing less....

There were a few areas in my 2nd photo that didn't come out perfectly.  One, as you can see, is an indent.  One was a very old (over 3 years) coffee stain that I have never been able to get out.  The regular dirt and grime, however, was gone!

Overall, this is a major improvement from my old Bissell.  It's lighter, easier to maneuver, and keeps the water very warm.  One drawback is that you need to mix the solution into the water; my old Bissell had them in separate compartments.  There is also no "plain water" setting on this, which I find useful in certain situations.  The 25% larger tank, however, and the efficiency in sucking up water has made this product my new favorite carpet cleaner.  Good job to Bissell on making such effective design improvements!

You can find this cleaner at Walmart, for around $188.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.