Empower Kids to Clean Up Themselves with Seventh Generation Baby Wipes (Giveaway!)

See that handsome guy? He's almost 3, and he's always asking for "wipes."  He hates being dirty, and even while snacking at the dinner table, he'll fuss if even a bit of food gets on his face or hands.  We keep a package of wipes at the table just for that reason.

We recently tried out the Seventh Generation Wipes, which we hadn't done before.  To be honest, they clean very well, but they don't taste very good.  (Why do I say this?  I had one child that insisted on sucking the juice from baby wipes if he got ahold of one.  This is not a problem for this brand of wipes.)  Despite not being very... appetizing... they are very efficient at cleaning up faces, hands, and the fallout from a horribly "oopy" diaper.  I love that the packs are soft, and can fit inside a glove compartment, but they also reseal very well.  They almost never dry out before you can get to the last wipe.

Since sensitive skin runs rampant at my house, these wipes have earned my approval for non-irritating clean.  I don't have a problem letting my son have free reign to wipe up his messes.  I even use them in household applications, like on the toilet seat and around the sink!

With 5 kids, it can be a nightmare keeping faces and hands clean, as well as hair and teeth maintained.  I have found that, the sooner I can empower my little ones to take care of their own hygiene, the less work I have to do -- and the more likely they are to practice good hygiene tips when they get older!

You can find out more about the the Seventh Generation wipes (which are free of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates) at the official website!

Wanna win?  One lucky reader will win one box of Seventh Generation baby wipes. To be entered to win, just share a baby care tip in the blog comments section.  You have until March 20th at 11:59pm CST to get your entries in.  Limit of one entry per person, please. We'll randomly pick one winner to get the prize.  Open to U.S. residents ages 18+ only.  Full promotional rules here.

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*Samples and consideration provided by The Motherhood on behalf of Seventh Generation. Opinions are 100% my own.