Review of The Amazing Mat

My least favorite part of my home is my entryway.  We don't have a formal mud room, and so guests are forced to wipe their feet in the same room we serve dinner - ugh.  We are constantly fighting the mud and the dust that come in on the shoes of visitors with braided rug rags, newspapers, and daily sweeping and mopping.  It is a very frustrating process, one that I feel is almost never complete.

When I first heard about The Amazing Mat, I was keen on the idea, but I couldn't justify the thought of a truly "disposable mat."  The price - $29.95 - seemed steep for a mat that had just 30 uses.  We put it to use in our home, however, to give it an honest try.  I can say that, without a doubt, it has changed my life!

Here's a picture of the mat below.  As you can see, it is made up of 30 plastic sheets that are removed when each one gets dirty.  There is a fresh sheet below that helps to trap dirt with its slight "stickiness."  (It is not a sticky that leaves a residue on anything, however.  It works much like a washable lint roller.)

Now, here is the first truly dirty layer being peeled off.  As you can see, it is very dirty.  Below this dirty layer is a fresh new surface to start over with.

Here is the layer, completely removed, and ready for the trash bin.  ( See all the dirt in the bottom of it?  We have even been successful at containing cups of muddy water!)

The mat has a non-stick backing that keeps it in place.  There are also numbers on each sheet to tell you how many sheets you have left!  After having this in my home for over a month, my daughter is begging me to buy one.  She is responsible for cleaning of the dining room/mud room.  It has made her job so much easier -- we sweep and mop much less, and it's very nice to have a "new" welcome mat every time guests come over!

You can find the Amazing Mat in a variety of styles.  Get additional details at the website!

*Sample received to facilitate my review.  Opinions are 100% my own.