Review of Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers

We have gone through many a race car in the Knerl Household.  The issues we have had with them are common:  They break, they aren't fast enough, and they eat through batteries.  My boys often find that the antennae on most RC cars break off before they grow weary of them, and we never seem to be able to keep them charged up!

Hot Wheels just came out with a cool new concept in race cars.  The Stunt Charger is a small, durable car that comes with its own charging base.  You put the car on the base and hold it until the red lights flash and the wheels start spinning; then, release it onto the floor to watch it zip, flip, and race across almost any floor surface.

This car got giggles and squeals from my boys.  When it hits something, it quickly backs up or flips over to go another direction.  It's fast!  And you can easily charge it again when it's done with its trip.  While it took the boys a little while to master just how to set it on the charger, once they did, even the youngest boys were able to juice it up and let it rip!

This little car takes batteries for the "charger", but we used rechargeable ones and got a few days of fun out of the batteries (which included dozens of car zips).  One thing to note is that this car is small.  It can easily get lost under a couch or piece of furniture -- especially since nothing can  hold it back once it's going!

This little car is priced at under $15, and is available at retailers like Walmart.  I think it would make a perfect Easter basket toy, stocking stuffer, or birthday gift!

*Sample received to facilitate review.  Opinions are 100% my own.