Review of Northside Winter Shoes and Boots

I know what you're thinking... "Winter boots? It's the first day of spring!"

Well, obviously you haven't been to Nebraska lately.  It is 27 degrees outside as I type this, and my toes are cold!  Even though we have seen swings in the temps up to 55 degrees, it's going to be cold here for another few weeks.  In fact, we had a snow storm not that long ago, and I was glad to have a new pair of Northside boots on hand to get me where I needed to go!

All farm girls have boots, but they are mostly pretty ugly.  The Northside Greta Waterproof Snow Boot isnt' just very effective against fighting cold, snowy drifts, and wetness, they are super-cute, too!  I love how they fit high on my leg but don't constrict.  Most "high" boots are really for very skinny girls; the Northside boots can be laced up as tight -- or as loose - as you need to be cozy!  The faux fur-lined interior make them suggly and warm, and they were just as waterproof as they claimed to be.

I look so cute in this boots.  It doesn't matter if I'm out doing chores in the yard or running errands around town.  The non-slip bottoms keep me from falling on my bottom, and it's nice to feel stylish for a change when I'm bundled up.

You can find a whole assortment of Northside boots for him and her at Amazon.  This particular pair run $79.99, but you can get them on sale now for less than $60!

*Samples received to facilitate review.  Opinions are 100% my own.