Vaseline Spray & Go Makes Moisturizing Easy

I admit to being very lazy with my moisturizing routine.  Part of it is because it's winter; if I don't see my own arms and legs under my winter clothes, I don't think to use product on them.  This is sad, when you really think about it, as I have very dry skin in the winter, and I need to be taking care of it.

A new product on the market that is designed to make the process quick and easy is the Vaseline Spray & Go.  It goes on kind of like suncreen from a spray can, and it is supposed to take almost no rubbing in or dry time before you can put clothes on.  Does it work?  I was actually very pleased with the results.

First, almost no one knows this yet, but I am expecting another baby.  Being in my first trimester, I can't stand the smell of any scented products, and this includes my mascara!  I worried that the lotion I tried (Total Moisture – with pure oat extract, for healthy soft skin) would be heavily scented.  It wasn't, however, and I unlocked the canister, gave it a spray on the back of my hand for a "test" and barely wiped it with my other hand before it was completely soaked in.  There was no greasy residue, and the only way I knew I had applied it was that there was a soft, sparkly sheen to my skin for a moment, and then it was just soft looking.  There was a faint hint of lotion, but it wasn't "smelly".

I was pleased that I didn't have to wash off the hand that "rubbed in the lotion."  I often get side tracked after applying lotion and hate to walk around with greasy hands until I get a moment to soap them up and rinse them off.  I think this product definitely has a place on the market for busy moms who literally have 2 minutes to get dressed after a shower before the kids come busting down the bathroom door.  I also laugh when I recall how many times in my 3rd trimester of my pregnancies, I couldn't even reach my legs -- much less put lotion on them.  This product could make that dream a reality.

You can find all three varieties of the Vaseline Spray & Go in your local Walmart.  The locking cap makes it a bit more kid-proof, so you can be sure that one can, priced at under $6, will last a long time.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.