5 Hot Color Trends from LightInTheBox.com: What Hue Shows Off Your Personality?

I admit that I'm a little scared of color. I take my cues from the experts when deciding what colors are "in", and then I cautiously explore a variety until I find one that fits my skin tone and mood.  So, what hot colors will dominate this spring? I'm always partial toward this season's blue, but the other four are also very stunning; check out what I think are some of the cutest trends in formal and prom dresses this year!

Cobalt Blue 

(Price: $99.99)
Being the color of the sky and water, blues hues have long been known for tranquility and balance. Kick it up a notch with electrifying and vivacious cobalt blue and you’ll be making all new waves in your wardrobe.

Emerald Green 

(Price: $129.99)
Once a very risky color to wear, emerald green is now making a strikingly bold entrance into the fashion world. Shades of green have always symbolized nature and balance, but it’s emerald in all its beauty & boldness that makes others green with envy.


(Price: $89.99)
Alluring red has been turning heads for centuries as it exudes a woman’s passion, sexiness and confidence. If you are looking to make a bold and dramatic statement, then set the room on fire in red!


(Price: $99.00)
You no longer have to be just Pretty in Pale Pink – it’s now time to up the vibe in glamorous fuschia! Named after the flower of the Fuschia plant, fuschia is a playful, fresh and flirty color that gives any style dress more pop and pizzazz!


(Price: $199.99)
Hello sunshine! A sweet, cheerful, fresh, and airy color, you’ll never be in a bad mood wearing easy-breezy yellow!

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