A Little Bit of Heaven: Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

I love the flavors of cheesecake, and I am smitten with cookies that taste like homemade (but come already prepped for eating in the grocery store.) When I had the chance to sample the new Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies, I was so excited!  These limited edition cookies are available at Walmart, and they are not the kind of cookie you'll want to share with the kids.

First of all, they are super moist and fresh-tasting.  I usually like a crumbly cookie, but these have a pillowy softness that compliment the chunks of mild but creamy cheesecake bites well.  There are also strawberry-flavored ribbons throughout, which keep these cookies from being too one-dimensional in their flavor profile.

The only bummer about these cookies is that one bag will surely not be enough. I got 8 cookies in my package, and after sharing with the kids -- didn't feel like I got enough to make me happy!  Perfect for grown-up afternoon teas, these are a pretty cookie that feel like a special treat compare to other store-bought desserts.

Find them at Walmart in the cookie aisle!

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