Making Outdoor Work Easier with Amdro Power Flex and Pennington Smart Feed

I was so excited to witness 75 degree weather last week.  I was certain it was the official start of Spring yard season, and I eagerly planned how I would begin the task of cleaning up the yard and starting the foundation for a beautiful garden.  Walmart provided me with samples of two new products in hopes that it could make my yard work easier.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to do as much with it as I would like; it snowed again this week and will snow again next week!

Here is what I do know about the Amdro Power Flex and Pennington Smart Feed products that I got to play around with a bit:

First, the Pennington Smart Feed...

I had seen this in my local Walmart and was SUPER excited.  It's a nozzle attachment that goes on the end of a standard garden hose, giving you the ability to directly mix and apply a range of fertilizing solutions to your plants without the hassle of mixing.  I try very hard not to touch any of the yard products, now that I"m pregnant, even the fertilizers, so this product helps me to do yard work without much concern.

There are three varieties, as you can see below, and you can "load" the nozzle with the tablets of your choice, then water your plants as normal.  

The Smart Feed tablets mix with the water at just the right concentrate, and you don't have to worry about leftover solution when you're done.  The tablets store well in the tubes they come in, right on your garage or garden shed shelf!

I think, that when the time comes, I'll be most eager to try this on our newly planted strawberry plants, as well as the fruit trees that we planted when we started our own orchard!

The next product we looked at is something we can use right now.  It's a very brilliant applicator tool that lets you deal with weed AND pest problems.  Right now, we have about a half dozen half-empty application containers of weed killers and pesticides in my husband's shop, and it makes me VERY NERVOUS to have them around.  The Amdro Power Flex product helps put my mind at ease, somewhat, because it doesn't require that you mix up the chemicals ahead of time or that you deal with partially used application containers when you're done.

It works like this:

Fill the pump sprayer with water, then insert the concentrated cartridge of your choice (seen below) into the system.  The water will mix at the right concentration as you apply.  When you're ready to stop the application (or switch to a new application), just switch out the concentrate.  You can go from indoor bug spray to outdoor weed killer without remixing, dumping out what you can't use, or touching any of the solution!

I love the fact that there is so much less waste with this system, and you can put the concentrated products way up high out of reach of the kids in a locked cabinet in the shop.  It's so much safer than having big pre-mixed jugs of weed and bug killer around!

Both the Amdro Power Flex and the Pennington Smart Feed are available at a local Walmart store near you. Look for them in the garden section! 

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.