Review of The Bible Movie Miniseries on DVD

While we told you about it earlier, we hadn't had the chance to see "The Bible" miniseries until it came out on DVD.  We don't have cable anymore, so it was a blessing to review the entire movie event on DVD!  We have been watching it with the kids one night a week, as a great way to go over our Bible studies and to give the kids a break from mindless TV that doesn't offer anything.  Here are my initial thoughts after watching 2 episodes:

1.  This movie is inspiring.  There were a few times I felt tears in my eyes, as the stories of God's people, their struggles, and His response were very powerful.  In the past 2 weeks, so much has happened in the world to make me fearful or worry, but the movie reminds me that GOD is in control. He always will be.

2.  The movie is violent.  Many of the accounts shown in the movie are the ones we know from an early age: the trials of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses and his flight from Eypt.  There is quite a bit of fighting, and it's rather realistic.  We see blood, cutting, anguish, and despair.  There is no attempt made to sugar-coat the battles that God's people endured.  While I really appreciate that the accounts are realistic, younger children may have a hard time with these scenes.  We allow our 6-year-old to cover his eyes during these scenes.

3. This movie is needed.  In today's world of entertainment, reality TV is king.  Bible-based shows are limited to documentaries that question His existence  or cast doubt on the believing people.  This movie, full of special effects and quality acting, is one of the most representative of how the Bible should be portrayed   The lives of those who shaped my faith are displayed with honor and truth, even as they fascinate with the miracles that surround them.

Bible-believing families should own a copy of The Bible miniseries, in my opinion.  It's one we'll watch again and again (as my kids are already begging for each new episode to be shown.)

Parents who are concerned may want to screen the episodes before you watch together, however.  There is a reason why some parts of the Good Book are saved for when kids are old enough to understand more mature themes.

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