Review of Crystal Light Liquid

I'm sure you've seen all of the concentrated liquid water-enhancers at your local grocer.  I've tried, and liked, a few, but the variety seemed to be lacking. I was recently asked to try the new Crystal Light Liquid (a version of the flavor-enhancers you see by competing brands), and I was surprised to find that I did like a few of the flavors.

First, I should clarify that I try to avoid artifical sweeteners whenever possible.  I almost never consume aspartame, and, luckily, the Crystal Light Liquid I sampled didn't have it.  It did use Sucralose as a non-nutritive sweetener, and I'm not totally against that, so I would use this product in moderation without any issues.  I am a HUGE fan of the Crystal Light Pure products, however, as they use sugar and stevia to sweeten.  (I know, this also means that it has calories, but I'm willing to trade for calories to enjoy my choice of sweetener.) My dream would be for them to create a Crystal Light PURE in a liquid form -- it would be my IDEAL choice of water enhancer.

Now, on to how great this stuff really did taste.  I sampled both the Mango Passionfruit (which lasted about 4 days in my water-guzzling household) and the Peach Bellini (this was yummy but not as popular).  Between my husband, my teenage daughter, and myself, we really took down the two little bottles in no time.  We don't drink enough water, so this actually helped us to drink more.

I love how easy it is to use the Liquid products.  Right now, we use the PURE in powder form.  This is great if you are going to drink two glasses at a time, but most of use only drink one.  I end up using half a packet, then the other half spills or gets hard by the time I use it.  The liquid allows me to dispense just what I need, AND I can make it as strong or as weak as I prefer.  (I use less Liquid than my daughter, for example.)  I also see a potential to mix flavors, or add the flavors to things like carbonated water for a soda-like experience.

If you see these in your local store and you are already a fan of Crystal Light, you won't be disappointed by picking one up.  There are coupons in the paper most weeks, and you can find yourself drinking more water than ever by having this handy little product in your cabinet. (They also seal pretty well, so if you put one in a baggy and stick it in your purse, you can refill your water bottle all day long!)

Learn more about the Crystal Light Liquid at their new website.

*Samples of Crystal Light Liquid received to review from Kraft.  Opinions are 100% my own.