Better Homes and Gardens for a Beautiful DIY Porch Planter!

We have so much to do in the yard, so when I can put together a DIY project in less than 30 minutes -- and it looks my front yard look beautiful - I'm all over it!  While I had my husband do the muscle for most of this project, it's simple enough for anyone to do.  Here's how we put this beautiful planter together:

1.  We received a Better Homes and Gardens Lightweight container.  This is large, but not heavy.

2.  We shopped for Better Homes and Gardens outdoor plants at our local Walmart garden center.  There was quite the assortment, but I was looking for a variety of sizes and heights in my plants, and with a complimentary color scheme.

3.  My husband got to work on the planting container.  He drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage.  Since we wanted to use only one bag of potting soil, keep the container light enough to move, but keep the bottom heavy so it wouldn't blow over, he also placed a few pieces of PVC pipe at the bottom with some patio bricks on top.  This took up room, but didn't cover the drainage holes.  (Note: PVC is not recommended for use with plants that you will eat from.  It is fine to use with decorative plants, however.)  We then used biodegradable packing peanuts to fill up the container to the halfway line.   Finally, we filled the rest of the container with potting soil!  It took exactly one bag.

4.  Next, my husband placed the plants into the soil, putting the taller grass in the middle of the arrangement.  The "creeeping" plant was placed near the edge where it could cascade over the side as it grew.  We also placed another blooming plant in there to fill in the gaps.

Now, we have a beautiful arrangement that can do well in full to partial sun, and it's easy to water, as we keep it on our front step.  The way we filled the container makes it light enough for me to move, if I need to, but the wind or the dog won't knock it off the step.