Bike Month at Walmart - The Perfect Excuse to Equip the Family!

Even though we have just one single, short gravel driveway, and nowhere else to ride, my boys love going out to ride their bikes when the weather is nice.  As you can see from the photo above, however, they often need reminded to wear their helmets!  We realized early on that making sure each child has a bike and the proper equipment can be expensive; thankfully, we have turned to Walmart over the past year to help us get what we need for the kids' hobby without too much fuss.

This month is National Bike Month and Walmart is getting in the game.  In-store, you'll find some nice prices on bikes, equipment, and parts.  My kids could spend forever in there looking at all the fun accessories.

One thing that catches their eye every time is the bike horn.  While it's unnecessary, it's a fun extra that I have encouraged the kids to save their money for if they truly want it.  (They also have to follow the "no horns in the house" rule!)

The kids come in all sizes, so their helmets should, as well.  We were quite impressed with the selection of helmets the last time we were in the store.  There are character helmets for girls and boys, OR, if you need to save money by having kids hand down helmets, there are plenty of gender-neutral options, also.

Walmart has always held a special place in our hearts for biking memories; my son saved his money for a year before buying his first bicycle brand new from Walmart in 2012.  It's nice to see him taking such good care of the bike (something I'm not sure he would have done if we had bought it for him.)  With over a dozen bikes in stock at less than $100 each, we've enjoyed shopping brand names on bikes and gear -- and our kids have learned a valuable lesson about both bike safety and fiscal responsibility!

Does your family bike?  Are your kids properly equipped for safe riding?  

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.