Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA

As part of a recent blogger trip to Lancaster, PA (sponsored by Auntie Anne's), I was able to stay 2 nights at the quirky and beautiful Cork Factory Hotel.  I had read about this online before I went, but was not ready for how charming it would be!

The hotel is comprised of buildings that once housed the historic Armstrong Cork and Kerr Glass companies.  My room was spacious, much more than a standard chain hotel.  The view from my desk was nothing special (I was actually facing a row of loading docks), but what can you expect from a hotel that was an actual factory at one point?  The walls of the room, a rich red brick, gave a feeling of order and peace to the room, and I found the beds to be more than comfy.  Included in my 2-bed room was a TV with the standard hotel channels, a fridge, and a safe.  (The fridge was a blessing, considering I had just made an ambitious shopping top for fresh produce at the Lancaster Farmer's Market.)

The first night was as restful as any I had enjoyed at a hotel, and the next morning, I was surprised to see one of the better continental breakfasts of my hotel history.  While there were no hot options, the pastries were fresh and appeared to be from a local bakery.  There were yogurts, cereals, and a full-spread of ripe, fresh fruit.

The hotel was rather quiet for most of the time I was there.  The lobby was almost always empty, but complimentary local and national newspapers were available.  Everything was in working order, and - with the exception of a rather rowdy wedding party that kept me awake for a few hours on my 2nd night - the hotel was a nice break from busy life.  It accurately reflected the vibe of the Lancaster community, but was modern in it's amenities.

Learn more at the Cork Factory Hotel website!