Getting the Garden Going with Black and Decker's New Gardening Tools!

I'd be lying if I said that I did much with our garden this spring.  My husband has been doing most of the work, since I am pregnant and very busy with the kids.  He has been dragging around his trusty supply of tools - rusty ones with old handles - so it was nice to receive a few new products from Walmart and Black and Decker!

The first item he tried was the Telescopic Cultivator Hoe.  This clever little gadget can extend for quite a reach, and it includes a hoe on one side and a cultivator tip on the other.  It's great in that it can work for long rows, or can be shortened to work in small corners.

The tool that's been getting the biggest workout is the Mini shovel.  This is perfect for digging small holes for flowers, transferring small bits of dirt or rock (like the rocks shown in between our garden pavers below), or for any other small shoveling job you may have.

Because the handle is short, it's great for working in our new raised beds or for kids to use.  I found it to be the perfect size for putting in transplanted veggies and my new grapes!

Finally, the other great tool we've used just once (because we've had steady rain for over a week) is the 8-pattern spray nozzle (priced at $7.97).  This little nozzle is sturdy and adjusts easily.  It features a variety of pressures and flows for just the right amount of water for every watering need.

Other items we tried include the water wand (which is a long version of the above) and some pretty slick bypass pruners.  All of the items feature a colorful design that helps you find them easily in tall grass, weeds, or when you leave them behind in the flower garden.  They are easy to pick up and use right away -- no assembly is required.

Reasonably priced individually, you can also find several sets with the new Black and Decker products in stores or at!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.