Review of the Shark Sonic Duo

I am sort of a collector of appliances.  Between the ones I've reviewed here on the blog, and those that I just found useful enough to buy, we have an entire closet dedicated to all things mop, broom, vacuum, scrubber, and squigee.  Maybe it's the fact that I married an ex-janitor.  Or perhaps it's because our home is very, very lived in (we homeschool and work from home -- plus our house is small.)  I just feel like each tool has a unique function, and you shouldn't use the wrong tool for the job.

So when I was sent the Shark Sonic Duo to review, part of me was thinking "really? Do I need another appliance?"  But part of me was intrigued by the videos I saw on this new gadget.  I also personally love the Shark brand.  (I used to review gadgets for a tech mag, and they always impressed me!)

Shark at rest -- without cleaning pad.
I gave the Shark Sonic Duo a go on my carpet first, not really believing that it could do much.  After all, I was in love with doing a full steam cleaning when things got dirty.  I was skeptical that a surface scrubbing could do much good.

Assembly of the machine was the simplest of anything I've used to date.  You just snap the handle it and it's ready to go.  There are very well labeled components, pads, and cleaning solutions.  There is no way any thinking person can mess up what goes where.

I started by putting the carpet scrubbing pad on the Sonic Duo, and filling the tank with the recommended amount of water and solution.  The tank made it easy, because it was marked with lines, and I knew exactly how much of each to put in.  (It also has directions on the back side of the clear tank, so even my kids can read how to do it.)

I then plugged it in and switched in on while it was setting on my carpet.  The thing started vibrating like crazy!  I thought it would require more work to push, but the Duo kind of moved itself around the floor.  I just needed to guide it.  The trigger released cleaning solution, and I was to then scrub 4-5 times over the same spot after getting it wet.  At first, I messed this up, thinking that the solution came out of the bottom of the machine.  Then, I saw the my furniture was getting wet, and I figured out that the spray came out of the FRONT of the machine.  Lesson learned: Get behind the area you want to clean, spray, THEN go over it.  After that small snag, I was cleaning away!

Spray and Intensity buttons
I did half of my living room within about 10 minutes.  It looked good.  The nap on my carpet was sticking up like new, and the "dinginess" was gone.  It was also rather dry compared to a steam cleaning.  The manual said it would take 2 hours to dry, but we were able to walk on the carpet within 45 minutes.  (I'm guessing that this depends on the humidity and temp in your home.)

Next, I tackled the part of the carpet where my kids spill stuff.  It was horrible.  I pretreated it with the included pretreating spray, waiting 10 minutes, then did the same process as before.  My carpet was a bit more wet afterwards, but almost all of the dark spots and stains were gone.  Plus, my carpet smelled fresh and not chemically.

The dirty pad after I cleaned my carpet.

My clean carpet!
Here is a brief video of what you can expect when using the Shark Sonic Duo, from my own experiences:

I haven't used it on my laminate yet, but I can already tell that I love the scrubbing action and the ease of use. I am also smitten with the lights at the front of the machine; it really helps me see the spots that I'm cleaning on my light carpet.  Here are some more perks of the Shark Sonic Duo:
 · Uses first-of-its-kind technology to remove 4 times more stuck-on dirt in carpets than vacuuming alone
 · Deep cleans hard floors better than any mop on the market.
 · Hard floors look and feel cleaner than with Swiffer WetJet®*
 · Clean with less effort as the Sonic Duo glides over hard floors and carpets with just the push of a finger 180-degree swivel steering
 · Safe for all floor surfaces including carpets, area rugs, hardwood, tile, marble, stone, laminate and linoleum
 · Non-toxic, biodegradable formulas that are safe for children and pets
You can learn more about the Shark Sonic Duo at their website!

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*Sample received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.