What's On Your "Life List"? The Call to End Cancer...

*The following post is an important message that means so much to me and my family.  Although it is part of a sponsored campaign through the Motherhood, all views are heartfelt and 100% my own.  

I'm turning 35 this year.  I'm also having my 6th child!  I remember when my doctor told me that I will seriously want to consider whether we will have any more, not because I have already had 5 c-sections, but because I was becoming an "older woman" this year.

Wow!  Just like that?  My life hits a new milestone when I turn 35 this July.  It really got me thinking about all the things I've already done (and the things I still yearn to do.)  Of the things I want to live to see, however, is a hope for those with cancer.  I have seen so many struggle -- and lose -- against this unspeakable disease.  While I wish for normal things like seeing my kids graduate from college, I also pray daily for several friends and family members who we just want to see another day.

One way this could possibly be accomplished is by the good graces of the American Cancer Society.  100 years ago, the American Cancer Society began the fight of a lifetime – the fight to end cancer.

I think that it's a doable goal.  And while it will certainly take resource, it will also take community.  One thing I did just today that signifies the community that exists in the fight against cancer was to visit Facebook and create my "Life List."  Here it is below:

Are you ready to create yours?  It honestly takes less than 5 minutes (more like 3.)  If you're logged into Facebook -- which I'm sure you are -- you can simply click this link and get started.  You'll be asked a few simple questions, and you're on your way to raising awareness and building that community.  Because it will take many more fighters to end the battle against cancer.