Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie Premiers July 19th!

*Disclosure: I received Disney Channel "Teen Beach Movie" products in exchange for a post about the film.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Do you remember growing up watching the old beach movies that were made during our parents' generation?  I loved seeing the singing, dancing, and light-hearted, innocent romance.  Disney has followed suit on this theme by creating their own, family-friendly beach flick, titled "Teen Beach Movie!"

The film, which airs Friday, July 19 (8pm ET/PT) on the Disney Channel is a fun romp that parents and kids can watch together, and I'm excited to see if the soundtrack is as poppy and catchy as past Disney movies.  (Remember "High School Musical's" score?)

In anticipation of the film, we tried having our own Beach party.  The problem is, we have a farm, with little grass -- and no sand.  We ended up with more of a "mud" party than anything else, but the boys had fun (except the little one in the last picture -- he was a bit chilly!)

We are setting up our pool for the season next week, so I'm sure we'll have a more "beach" appropriate experience at that time.

If you want to prepare for your own Teen Beach Movie party, I suggest heading over to the official website and getting some neat tools to help you get started.  You can get recipes, themed games, activities, and music videos - PLUS more info about this movie event! (I'm looking forward to trying out the Blue(berry) Hawaii Bread in the photo below...)

What will you plan for your beach party?  Will you tune in to "Teen Beach Movie?"  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another family-friendly favorite to add to our collection!