Disney Music Gift Cards are NOT Just for Kids!

What do you think of when you hear "Disney Music"?  Maybe you think of songs for little kids - or movie soundtracks.  

I did too, at first, until I was given the chance to try out a Disney Music gift card to download music from their site.  I was surprised to see that there was such a wide selection of kids music -- and tunes that my teenage daughter and even adults will like!

The Disney Music Gift Cards (which are available at retailers nationwide) are a great option for any music lover, and are an especially good idea for parents to give to kids who may not want to be trusted to download music from a conventional music download site.  I trust that most of the artists on the site are family-friendly, and my daughter can pick and choose single songs or entire downloads to use her card balance for at the online Disney Music Store!

My daughter picked out the new Demi Lovato album, while my boys wanted the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  Both can be happy with this new gift option, available in $15, $25, and other custom denominations.

Get more info at DisneyMusicStore.com!

*Gift card received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.